Subglasses for Running

sunglasses for running

why do runners wear sunglasses for running?

Protects Against UVA & UVB Rays: Our running sunglasses offer protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, shielding your eyes from potential damage caused by sun exposure, even on cloudy days.

Encourages Perfect Form: Wearing our running sunglasses helps you maintain proper form during your runs. By keeping your head up to prevent the sunglasses from falling off, you naturally align your body and promote better posture.

Prevents Headaches: Sunlight, even on overcast days, can be intense and lead to squinting, straining your eye muscles. This strain can result in discomfort and headaches during and after your run. Our running sunglasses alleviate this tension, providing a more relaxed and headache-free running experience.

sunglasses for running

benefits of polarized sunglasses for running

Polarized sunglasses offer numerous benefits for running, making them an excellent choice for athletes.
Reduce glare: polarized lenses effectively reduce glare caused by sunlight reflecting off various surfaces, such as roads, water, or shiny objects. By minimizing glare, runners can enjoy improved visibility and better depth perception, enhancing their overall safety and performance.
Enhance view clarity: polarized sunglasses provide exceptional visual clarity, allowing runners to see details more accurately and effortlessly. This enhanced clarity can be particularly beneficial when navigating uneven terrains or trail running.
Reduce eye strain: polarized sunglasses help reduce eye strain, as they prevent excessive squinting and the need to constantly adjust to changing light conditions.
By promoting relaxed and comfortable vision, polarized sunglasses contribute to a more enjoyable running experience.

running sunglasses

Why Choose RVR Running sunglasses?

RVR running sunglasses are with clear lenses with UV 400 are also available and offer the same level of protection. With polarization helping block glare from surfaces, providing a more comfortable running experience by reducing eye strain.

What's more, we pay attention on runners' comfort with them, in a light weight and slide outfit, they ensure fit well on your face and don't cause discomfort or headaches. Adjustable nose pads can help customize the fit and prevent slippage during your runs.

Different Colors of Sunglasses for Running Options

After ensuring that the lenses are certified UV-400, you can consider the tint based on your preferences and specific running conditions. Here are some tint options to consider for running sunglasses:

Orange Running Sunglasses

Orange-tinted lenses enhance contrast and depth perception. They are beneficial for low-light or hazy conditions, helping objects stand out more clearly.

Gray Running Sunglasses

Gray lenses offer true color perception and reduce brightness without distorting colors. They are suitable for bright conditions and provide a neutral tint.