BLAZE Non-polarized Sunglasses for Cycling Mens


Reinforced PC lenses for impact resistance, ensuring eye safety
UV400 protection, offering 100% defense against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays
Swiss TR90 frames, made of lightweight and durable nylon material
Adjustable silicone nose pads for a comfortable fit
Oversized wraparound lenses for improved field of vision
Adjustable rubber temple tips to accommodate different face sizes

Frame Material: TR90
Size: 149*0*124mm (Lens width*Bridge width* Temple length)
Weight: 35.5G
Lens Curve: 6C
Suit for lifestyle,cycling, running, golf, tennis, fishing, baseball
Included: Zippered Hard-shell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

Non Polarized Sunglasses for Cycling Mens

Non-polarized sunglasses for cycling mens safe riding, men can experience accurate color perception, clear visibility of LCD/LED displays, reduced glare in wet conditions, versatility in different lighting situations, and compatibility with prescription lenses.

UV400 Sunglasses for Road Biking 100% UVA and UVB Ultraviolet Defense

The UV400 protection of our road cycling sunglasses to enjoy complete defense against UVA and UVB rays. Our road cycling sunglasses equipped with UV400 coating effectively block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This level of protection ensures that your eyes are shielded from the harmful effects of UV radiation during your cycling sessions. By preventing these rays from reaching your eyes, our sunglasses safeguard your vision and reduce the risk of UV-related eye conditions.

Preserve your eye health, reduce eye strain, enhance contrast and clarity, and safeguard your vision during every cycling adventure. This is the best road bike sunglasses for you.

Oversized Wraparound PC Lens Sunglasses for Road Biking's Better Views and Impact Resistance

The oversized wraparound design of these road bike sunglasses offers an expanded field of view, allowing you to enjoy better peripheral vision while cycling. With a wider lens coverage, you can stay aware of your surroundings, including approaching vehicles, pedestrians, and potential hazards on the road.

What's more, the wraparound desgin of the road cycling sunglasses improve your eyes' protection, reduce eye strain and glare, superior impact resistance, a lightweight and comfortable fit, and distortion-free optics.

Adjustable rubber temple tips and Detachable frame of Road Bike Sunglasses Reduce Shock

BLAZE is the best road cycling sunglasses for cycling's shock absorption. The adjustable rubber temple tips on road biking sunglasses allow you to personalize the fit according to your preferences. You can modify the temple tips' position and pressure to ensure a secure and comfortable fit on your head. This customization prevents the sunglasses from slipping or shifting during your ride, maintaining clear vision and reducing the need for constant adjustments.

The detachable frame improves the best sunglasses for road biking's stablity by its shock absorption properties. This feature promotes a more comfortable and smooth riding experience, minimizing fatigue and allowing you to maintain focus on the road ahead.