AQUA Polarized Fishing Sunglasses for Saltwater and River Fishing


RVR polarized fishing sunglasses are made of Japanese TPX material, which can float on water and never be lost
Polarized lenses to reduce glare
UV400 protection, 100% protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays
Anti-seawater salt coating the saltwater fishing sunglasses can be continuously immersed in seawater for 72 hours
Special spray painting process with variable colors
Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for easier cleaning

Frame Material: TPX
Lens Material: TAC
Size: 56*17*130mm (Lens width*Bridge width* Temple length)
Weight: 21G
Lens Curve: 6C
Suit for lifestyle, fishing, surfing
Included: Zippered Hard-shell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

Polarized fishing sunglasses for river lake and saltwater fishing

RVR AQUA floating fishing sunglasses, designed specifically for river, lake, and saltwater fishing. These sunglasses offer unparalleled advantages, making them a must-have for anglers around the world:

1.Crafted with lightweight TPX material, our sunglasses provide exceptional buoyancy, ensuring they stay afloat even if accidentally dropped in the water. This unique feature eliminates the fear of losing your beloved fishing eyewear.
2.The transparent TPX lenses offer crystal-clear vision, enabling you to spot fish beneath the water's surface with ease.
3.With enhanced UV protection and optional polarization, our sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful rays and minimize glare, ensuring optimal visibility and reduced eye strain. 4.Engineered anti seawater coating for durability, these sunglasses resist scratches and withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, providing long-lasting performance.

Don't let your eyewear hinder your fishing experience—choose this good fishing sunglasses and enjoy the advantages they bring to your angling pursuits.

Best Polarized Fishing Sunglasses can efficiently remove glare

AQUA is a good polarized sunglasses for fishing, the ultimate solution for combating glare. Designed to elevate your fishing performance, these sunglasses are prominent at glare removing, ensuring uninterrupted visual clarity on the water. Equipped with state-of-the-art polarized lens technology, our polarized fishing sunglasses effectively filter out distracting reflections and harsh glare, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the catch. Whether you're navigating through bright, sunlit lakes or battling the intense glare of saltwater, our polarized sunglasses provide unmatched visual acuity and reduce eye strain. Embrace the power of our best polarized sunglasses for fishing and embark on your angling adventures with enhanced vision and exceptional glare reduction.

100% UV Protection of the Best UV Sunglasses for Fishing: Against UVA and UVB Ultraviolet Rays

Aqua sunglasses for fishing is the ultimate defense against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays. Shielding your eyes from harmful UV radiation, our sunglasses provide unwavering 100% UV protection. Engineered with precision, our state-of-the-art lenses are purpose-built to ward off both UVA and UVB rays, delivering maximum defense against the sun's detrimental impact. Whether you find yourself amidst the vast expanse of open water or gracefully casting your line in the tranquility of a serene lake, our sunglasses offer unmatched sun protection, ensuring the safety and comfort of your eyes throughout your fishing expeditions. Opt for our top-tier UV sunglasses for fishing and relish carefree days basking under the sun's rays.

Best saltwater fishing sunglasses can be continuously immersed in seawater for 72 hours

AQUA saltwater fishing sunglasses are very durable in for fishing, engineered to withstand continuous immersion in seawater for an impressive 72 hours. Our sunglasses are meticulously designed to excel in such conditions. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, our lenses undergo a specialized coating process that ensures their unwavering resilience even when exposed to the corrosive nature of seawater.

Through a precise vacuum electroplating technique, a series of protective layers are meticulously applied to the lens surface. This innovative construction includes multiple layers of SiO and SiO2 films, alternating with layers of anti-corrosive coatings. This advanced combination provides unrivaled resistance to the detrimental effects of seawater, ensuring that our sunglasses remain intact and perform optimally, without any compromise.

With our best saltwater fishing sunglasses, you can confidently venture into the harshest saltwater environments, knowing that your eyewear will withstand the test of time.

4 colors of RVR polarized sunglasses for fishermen

RVR polarized fishing sunglasses suits for both men and women, available in a stunning array of five vibrant colors.
Our collection are perfect women's and men's fishing sunglasses, feature the timeless elegance of Black-Gray, exuding sophistication and versatility. For those seeking a bold statement, Sunset Red adds a touch of fiery allure to your fishing adventures. Experience the cool tranquility of Ice Blue, evoking a sense of serenity amidst nature's beauty. Coffee offers a warm and earthy tone, blending seamlessly with outdoor environments. And for a refreshing pop of color, Cyan brings a vibrant and energetic vibe to your fishing experience.With so many options, this product are both men's and women's sunglasses.
Embrace style and performance with RVR Fishing Sunglasses, available in colors that perfectly complement your personality and enhance your angling pursuits.