HYDRO Surfing Sunglasses for Surfers Eye

$39.99 $79.00

Made of TPX material from Japan, capable of floating on water and never getting lost
Polarized lenses to prevent glare
UV400 protection, providing 100% defense against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays
Anti-seawater salt coating, allowing continuous immersion in seawater for 72 hours
Soft hydrophilic silicone nose pads for comfortable wearing
Streamlined design with ventilation hole to reduce lens fogging

Frame Material: TPX
Lens Material: TAC
Size: 64*17*125mm (Lens width*Bridge width* Temple length)
Weight: 22.5G
Lens Curve: 8C
Suit for lifestyle, fishing, surfing
Included: Zippered Hard-shell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

polarized surf sunglasses to wear while surfing

HYDRO polarized surf sunglasses is specifically designed for surfers, provide you perfect performance and protection. Equipped with advanced polarized lenses, they effectively eliminate glare caused by the sun's reflection on the water, allowing you to maintain clear vision and focus while riding the waves.

Our surf sunglasses are built to withstand the demanding conditions of the ocean. The polarization not only enhances visual clarity but also reduces eye strain, allowing you to see every detail of the waves with precision.

Stay fully immersed in the surfing experience with our polarized surf sunglasses.Elevate your surfing game and enjoy the benefits of superior eye protection and enhanced vision with our premium polarized surf sunglasses.

best sunglasses for surfers eye with UV400 protection

RVR top-of-the-line surfing sunglasses for surfers eyes, it is with UV400 technology to meet the specific needs of surfers, these sunglasses combine style, functionality, and uncompromising UV protection.

Equipped with UV400 lenses, these surf sunglasses provide maximum defense against harmful UVA and UVB rays, shielding your eyes from the intense sun exposure experienced while riding the waves. With their advanced technology, they effectively block out 99% of ultraviolet light, ensuring optimal eye safety and reducing the risk of long-term damage.

Designed for surfers, these sunglasses for surfing boast a sleek and sporty design that stays securely in place, even during the most rigorous surf sessions. The lightweight frames and comfortable fit allow for unrestricted movement, so you can fully immerse yourself in the thrill of the surf without any distractions.

Best Surf Sunglasses with Anti-seawater Salt Coating

HYDRO surfing sunglasses is with anti-seawater salt coating, designed to withstand the harshest conditions of the ocean. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, these sunglasses for surfing feature a special coating that ensures continuous immersion in seawater for up to 72 hours without any compromise in performance.

The anti-seawater salt coating creates a protective barrier on the lenses, guarding against the corrosive effects of saltwater. Whether you're carving through powerful waves or paddling out to catch the perfect swell, HYDRO provide unrivaled durability and longevity, ensuring they can keep up with your demanding surf adventures.

Crafted with precision, HYDRO top surf sunglasses offer superior clarity and vision, allowing you to see every detail of the ocean with unmatched precision. The lenses are specifically designed to reduce glare, enhancing your visual experience and ensuring optimal performance while riding the waves.

HYDRO womens & mens surf sunglasses with soft and hydrophilic silicone nose pads

The HYDRO surf sport sunglasses, designed for both men and women seeking style and performance in the water. With soft and hydrophilic silicone nose pads, these sunglasses ensure a comfortable and secure fit in intense surf conditions. The silicone nose pads conform to your nose, providing a customized fit that stays put during every wave. The hydrophilic properties keep the nose pads in place, preventing slipping. These sunglasses blend fashion with functionality, featuring durable frames that withstand the ocean's rigors. Experience the perfect combination of comfort and performance with HYDRO surf sunglasses, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for your entire surf session.

Streamlined design with RVR sunglasses for surfing to reduce lens fogging

RVR surf sport sunglasses also feature a streamlined design with ventilation holes specifically engineered to reduce lens fogging. Designed for surfers who demand the highest level of performance, these sunglasses offer unmatched clarity and visibility, allowing you to stay focused on the waves without any obstructions.

The strategically placed ventilation holes ensure optimal airflow, effectively preventing the build-up of moisture that leads to foggy lenses. This innovative feature of the cool surfer sunglasses enhances your vision, providing crystal-clear views of the ocean and enhancing your overall surfing experience.

Don't let foggy lenses hinder your surfing adventures. Choose RVR surf sport sunglasses with their streamlined design and ventilation holes, and enjoy fog-free vision that allows you to ride the waves with confidence and precision. Elevate your surfing game with sunglasses designed to enhance your performance in every way.