AEROBICS Youth Sunglasses for Kid's Sports


Polarized lenses, anti-glare
UV400 protection, 100% protection against UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays
TPE frame, soft and safe to wear
Double-layer injection molding process, comfortable to wear
Integrated nose pads increase friction with the nose bridge, providing a stable and secure fit

Frame Material: TPE
Lens Material: TAC
Size: 50*16*116mm (Lens width*Bridge width* Temple length)
Weight: 26.4G
Lens Curve: 6C
Suit for lifestyle, cycling, running, golf, tennis, fishing, baseball
Applied for Kids
Included: Zippered Hard-shell Case & Microfiber Cleaning Bag

youth polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from glare damage

AEROBICS youth polarized sunglasses protect your young athlete's eyes from harmful glare. These sunglasses for youth feature cutting-edge polarized lenses that provide unparalleled glare reduction for optimal visual clarity.
This youth sports sunglasses with polarized lenses act as a powerful shield against glare caused by bright sunlight reflecting off surfaces like water, sand, or pavement. By eliminating this disruptive glare, these sunglasses ensure your child's eyes stay protected and focused, enhancing their performance on and off the field.
The specialized polarized technology also enhances contrast and depth perception, allowing for better recognition of details and improved overall vision. Your child will experience a crisp, glare-free view, giving them a competitive edge in their activities.

Crafted with durability and comfort in mind, our sunglasses for youth are specifically designed for active youth. The lightweight frame and snug fit guarantee a secure and comfortable wearing experience, so they can fully immerse themselves in their favorite sports without any distractions.

Best sunglasses for youth provides 100% UV400 protection

Aerobics is our perfect sunglasses for youth, ensuring the utmost protection for your young ones with , offering 100% UV400 protection. These sunglasses are specifically designed to shield their developing eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Our sunglasses for youth can shielded your child's eyes from long-term risks such as cataracts and macular degeneration. And the youth sunglasses also provide a comfortable fit and a trendy look that kids love. From outdoor adventures to sports activities, our sunglasses offer the perfect combination of UV protection and fashion-forward design, allowing your child to enjoy their youthful experiences without compromising on safety.

Choose our best sunglasses for youth and give your child the gift of optimal eye protection.

TPE frame of the youth athletic sunglasses ensures safety of kids

Ensure the safety of your little athletes with our youth athletic sunglasses featuring a TPE frame. The TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material provides exceptional durability and impact resistance, protecting kids during active play. With the resilient material, AEROBICS youth shield sunglasses can absorb shocks, providing an added layer of safety for your child's delicate face and eyes.

What's more, designed with comfort in mind, the TPE frame ensures a secure fit without uncomfortable pressure points. Its soft and hypoallergenic properties make the sunglasses for youth gentle on young skin, ideal for prolonged wear during sports activities. With our youth athletic sunglasses featuring a TPE frame, you can trust that your child's safety is a top priority.

Double-layer injection molding process makes the youth sports sunglasses comfortable to wear

our youth sports sunglasses crafted by a double-layer injection molding process. This innovative design ensures a comfortable fit that stays securely in place, even during rigorous movements. Through the double-layer injection molding process, our sunglasses for youth are engineered with precision. The inner layer, made of soft and flexible material, gently conforms to the contours of your child's face, providing a snug yet comfortable fit. The outer layer adds durability and stability, ensuring the sunglasses stay in position, no matter how intense the game gets.

The carefully crafted design of our youth sports sunglasses eliminates pressure points and minimizes discomfort, allowing your young athlete to focus solely on their performance. Whether it's running, cycling, or team sports, our best youth sunglasses provide unmatched comfort, empowering them to push their limits without distraction.