Baseball sunglasses

If you’re in the market for some new baseball sunglasses, but you don’t know where to start, don’t worry! We’ve got answers to all your questions in our complete buying guide. Take a look!

Do You Really Need baseball sunglasses?

RVR Baseball sunglasses serve a crucial purpose in safeguarding your eyes during a baseball game. Given that baseball is an outdoor sport, players are inevitably subjected to prolonged exposure to the intense sun. Additionally, players must frequently look up into the sky to track the ball's trajectory. This necessitates reliable eye protection. Similar to other essential baseball equipment such as bats and gloves, so baseball sunglasses are a necessary component for ensuring safety and facilitating optimal performance on the field.

All wanted qualities of RVR baseball sunglasses you should know

UV Protection: Look for sunglasses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection to shield your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.
Non-polarized lenses: allow for better ball visibility because they do not filter out horizontal light waves, which can sometimes affect the clarity of the ball against a bright sky or reflective surfaces.
Impact Resistance: Baseball sunglasses should be constructed with durable materials and impact-resistant lenses to withstand potential impact from flying objects such as balls or bats.
Lens Color: Different lens tints can enhance visibility in specific lighting conditions. For example, gray lenses maintain true color perception, while amber or brown lenses improve contrast in low-light conditions. Consider the lighting conditions you typically play in when choosing the lens color.

Wraparound Design: Sunglasses with a wraparound design provide better peripheral vision, minimizing the chance of the sun or glare affecting your field of view.
Lightweight and Comfortable: Opt for sunglasses that are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Look for adjustable nose pads, flexible frames, and secure temple grips to ensure a snug fit.
Anti-Fog Coating: Some sunglasses come with an anti-fog coating on the lenses, which can be beneficial during hot and humid conditions when perspiration may cause fogging.
Scratch Resistance: Look for sunglasses with scratch-resistant lenses to maintain clarity and longevity, especially considering the outdoor nature of baseball.

Choose Baseball Sunglasses Based on Your Position Needs

When selecting baseball sunglasses, it's worth considering your specific position on the field, as certain lens colors can offer advantages based on your role. Here's a breakdown:

Baseball Sunglasses for Batters

As a batter, your priority is to read the path of incoming pitches clearly. Opt for sunglasses with black or green lenses, as they can enhance clarity and improve your ability to track the ball.

Baseball Sunglasses for Outfielders

As an outfielder, you require a wide field of vision to track fly balls. Look for sunglasses with large lenses or even one-piece lens designs. For sunny days, consider sunglasses with orange lenses, as they can aid in locating the ball against the bright sky.

Baseball Sunglasses for Infielders

Infielders need sunglasses that are lightweight and securely fit to enable agile movement with the ball. Choose sunglasses with green, black, or gray lenses, as these colors are particularly helpful in tracking a moving ball on the infield grass.

Baseball Sunglasses for Catchers

For catchers, it's essential to have optimal visibility against the bright sky. The most suitable lens colors for baseball sunglasses in this position are blue or darker shades. These colors assist catchers in following the ball's trajectory amidst the bright backdrop.

How to choose colors of baseball sunglasses?

The choice of color is primarily a matter of personal preference and style. Different players may have different color preferences for their sunglasses. Here are some common color options:

Blue: Blue lenses can provide a cool and trendy look. While they don't offer any additional visual benefits for baseball, some players may choose blue lenses for their aesthetic appeal.
Red: Red lenses can create a bold and vibrant appearance. Similar to blue lenses, they are primarily chosen for their cosmetic appeal rather than any functional advantage.
Green: Green lenses can provide a classic and sporty look. Some players may prefer green lenses as they can help filter out certain blue tints and reduce glare, although the impact may be minimal.
Golden/Yellow: Golden or yellow lenses can offer a distinctive and stylish look. They can help improve contrast and depth perception, making it easier to track the ball in varying lighting conditions.

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